"Це мама, а це тато."

Translation:This is mom and this is dad.

June 11, 2015

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Which form of and do I use?

In Ukrainian, there are four words that mean and; і, та, а and й. Three of them; і, та and й are all used to link similar things, the only reason we have so many is so we can switch them around to make the language flow and sound more melodic.

  • Мама і тато - Mom and dad
  • Та я! - And me!
  • Мова й алфавіт - Language and alphabet

It's really up to you when you want to use them :)

But on the other hand, а is used to contrast between two different things. It roughly corresponds to the English whereas.

  • Мама там, а тато тут - Mom is there, and/whereas dad is here
  • Я працюю а ти танюєш - I work and/whereas you work
  • Мене звати Віктор а вас звати Вєра - My name is Victor and/whereas your name is Viera

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I read before that the 3 interchangeable ands are best used to create harmonic cadence in the language between the vowels and consonants of the surrounding words as follows: consonant i consonant, vowel ta consonant, vowel Ň vowel. Ach! Sorry I can't get Cyrillic keyboard during this post. It is very similar to using a or an in English, where before a vowel we use an and before a consonant we use a.


I need to ask though, in Ukranian, how do we distinguish the sentence "This mother." and "This is mother"? or more accurately, when does "це" mean "this" or "this is" ?


Different forms are used for this, these and this is

  • Цей чоловік - Masculine Singular Nominative (This man)
  • Ця жінка - Feminine Singular Nominative (This woman)
  • Це місто - Neuter Singular Nominative (This town/city)
  • Ці лавці - Plural Nominative (These benches

Це місто can mean "this is a city" or "this city", you'll have to rely on context


I put "This is mom, and this is dad" WHAT DID I DO WRONG??


It is accepted now. :)


Why in this sentence we didn't use ta or i but a?


Why is "this is mom, and that is dad" incorrcect if "це" can mean "this" or "that" (or "it")?


"That" is actually "то"


What is the difference between "This is mom, this is dad" and "This is mom and this is dad"? I don't understand.


I guess i need to download a Ukrainian keyboard for this


Lol really, when you are introducing your parents, you just say "this is mom and dad" Most persons know to make the difference between man and woman. I hardly know any one that would point them out as singly as this.


I said this correct three times and it counted it wrong

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