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  5. "Is he asking you?"

"Is he asking you?"

Translation:O sana mı soruyor?

June 11, 2015



can you just point out what makes the mi before the verb, sometimes it comes after, like 'o sana soruyor mi'


O sana soruyor mu? = Is he asking you? (or not?)

O sana mı soruyor? = Is he asking you? (or someone else?)

O mu sana soruyor? = Is he asking you? (or is it someone else?)


Thanks, I keep forgetting about how word order changes emphasis.

So, which ever word is the emphasis in the sentence should have the mI after it? And conversely, in the Turkish, which ever word is before the mI is the empahsis?


thanks, great explanation


It is difficult to then decifer the proper emphasis reading an English question and properly translating it into Turkish unless the English word is underlined


True. For that reason, Duo will accept the question particle in several of the most likely places. When in doubt, you can always keep it in the neutral position at the end. For example: "Sana soruyor mu?" is also accepted here :-)


Why can't we say "O senden soruyor mu"?


It is just the wrong case.


Why is this sana (in dative) and not seni (in accusative)?

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