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  5. "The relationship is bad."

"The relationship is bad."

Translation:Das Verhältnis ist schlecht.

December 27, 2012



What is the difference between "das Verhältnis" and "die Beziehung"?


I am not sure but i think that "Das Verhältnis" is used more in technical manner (like a ratio, or a proportion) while "die Beziehung" is used more often to describe personal relationships. http://www.wordreference.com/deen/Verh%C3%A4ltnis, http://www.wordreference.com/deen/Beziehung


That's usually true, unless you have an affair, then you'd use 'das Verhältnis'.

'Sie haben ein Verhältnis.' (= 'They have an affair'), but 'Sie sind in einer Beziehung' (= 'They are in a relationship.').


[das Verhältnis] is affair, relationship, love affair, sth between people in emotional way. [die Beziehung] is the contact, relation, more like the type of connection between people.

Was ist deine Beziezung mit ihm? What is your connection with him (like how do you know him)?

But both are used for relationships (like relationship of a couple)


I got the two cross-wired in my head and came up with die Verziehung. Which apparently means warp.

Deep meaning deeply hidden, I think.

Sigh. Crumbs, but I suck at learning vocab. :(


Sadlingo attacks again :(


Shouldn't schlimm also work here?


"Schlimm" could possibly work in this sentence. However, "Schlecht" means '"Bad'", while "Schlimm" means horrible or awful or terrible (or perhaps evil, wicked, or nasty). Which isn't really what this sentence says.


Same, I'm wondering this.


Shouldn't Beziehung be accepted here? The owl says no...


But now the owl has said yes. I could translate: "Die Beziehung ist schlecht" and that was accepted.

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