"Nia ejo estas tre komforta."

Translation:Our place is very comfortable.

June 11, 2015



Does "my/our/your/their place" imply a home as it does in English?

July 13, 2015


"ejo" can be any kind of place, not necessarily a home. But, if you're translating from English into Esperanto, then I can see that some people might interpret "our place" as meaning "nia hejmo".


I swear some of these words need to be said more clearly. I got everything right in this sentence except for whether the first word was 'mia' or 'nia' cuz I couldn't hear the difference in the voice clip.


I have the same problem every time. I've heard that in real life when talking in Esperanto, it's very clear which pronoun is being used though, so it's just Duolingo being Duolingo.

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