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  5. "Ich hoffe es."

"Ich hoffe es."

Translation:I hope so.

October 3, 2013



I translated this as "I hope it", which doesn't really make sense in english (as far as I know), and it was correct.

Man I love some awkward english translations.


And I put 'I hope' which would have made actual sense in English and it was wrong...


Though I don't understand quite how, the word 'es' transforms into 'so'...'I hope so' is the finished product. I got it wrong on the first try too...


I don't think that it is the same ! I hope carries irony and suggests that it is unlikely.


Since the last word should be changed anyway, and one meaning of your sentence is the same as the meaning of the German sentence, I'd argue that this should be accepted.


It makes a bit more sense if you think of it as "I hope [it] so." The English phrase omits the "it" obviously, but it's implied.


Or "I hope it is so" rather.


I wouldn't analyse the English so. Are you suggesting that ‘so’ is an adjective meaning ‹true›, so a more long-winded way of putting it would be ‘I hope [that it is] so.’, meaning ‹I hope that it is true.›? If so, I disagree; I take ‘so’ to be an adverb meaning ‹thus›, so ‹I hope thus.›.

(I've tried to use ‘so’ in as many ways as I could in the previous paragraph. ETA: Apparently, that's too much fun for some people to handle.)


In English, when someone says "I hope so" or "I hope it is so" It usually DOES mean something like "I hope that's true" or "I hope that is correct"


I too translated "I hope it" because I was afraid the more common "I hope so" would be marked wring, but that is given as the alternative.


"I hope it" is correct, although very rarely used, English. The expression in one of he other replies, "I hope for it" should be OK.


Do Germans also say 'ich hoffe so' like this?


I've heard "Das hoffe ich"...


I believe that this translates word for word and not the total sense of the phrase


Given the other exercise is "Ich hoffe das sehr", is the "es" and "das" interchangeable in these cases?


I put 'I expect it' which makes a lot more sense in English than 'I hope it' and it marked me wrong even though duo itself translated 'hoffen' as 'to expect'. Can anyone tell me why please?


"I hope for it" is accepted


Why not I help it ?

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