"Sofia speaks Polish and Czech."

Translation:Sofia parolas la polan kaj la ĉeĥan.

June 11, 2015

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En Irlando, Multe de homoj (el Pollando) ankaŭ parolas la Polan!

Mi estas Irandano. :)

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    Bone, Sofia!


    Why is the "la" in front of polish if it's not talking about the country?


    "la polan" stands for "the polish language", but the country will not have "la" in front of it in Esperanto.


    Why does it say 'LA polan' and 'LA ĉeĥan'? Why can't you just say 'Sofia parolas polan kaj ĉeĥan'?


    it refers to the language, as in "Sofia speaks the Polish language and the Czech language."


    Does it need both articles? Can I use it once and just say "Sofia parolas la polan kaj cxehxan"?


    Ewa Farna speaks them too. :-)


    why does Pollando have 2 L's and a d, while polan has one L and no d's? Is this an exception to the rules?


    La pola lingvo: The Polish Language La pola: Polish (Short for the above) Pola lando: Polish country Pollando: Poland

    It's completely regular, it's like "mallonga".


    Weren't we told in the notes (I'm on a tablet right now and can't look it up) that we have to use "la [language name] lingvo"?


    I'm having a few fairly upsetting issues with this language reference. When you say someone speaks polish or czech, it's la polan or la cehan, but, in the sentences where you say "in Poland, Poles speak Polish" you don't say "en polio, poloj parolas la polan". Where does the la come in and come out, because it doesn't come in on the polands speaking polish sentence.


    The Esperanto way of naming languages is to say "la _a lingvo", where the _ is the root of the country name. The word "lingvo" in this contrext is usually left out, leaving "la _a". So "la angla" = English (the language), "la franca" = French, "la Nederlanda" = Dutch, and so on.


    I was surprised that the Polish language isn't called "la pollanda lingvo", or "la pollanda" for short.


    Did the real Sofia Zamenhof speak Czech?

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