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✻ Look at all the Duolingo team has done in the past week!

The DL team has done so much this past week! (A round of applause!) And just for us to really see, here is a review of all their work:

In the Hackathon

  • Practice listening and writing through through watching movie trailers on Youtube
  • Flashcards
  • Error review
  • Races with your friends
  • Practices through chats

Other updates and additions

  • The new Duolingo for iOS 7
  • Duolingo gear
  • New skill tree design
  • Word strength fix
  • Italian speaking exercises
  • Duolingo Free at Last video

That is certainly a lot! And they've done that plus work on the Incubator tools! Now here is the question:

What update or addition from this past week are you most excited about?

♪♫♬♪♫♬ Duolingo -- you're the best. You really are so great! This program is so brilliant, you've been able to create!

October 3, 2013



You are too sweet, Clara! Glad you love all that is happening. We have a lot in store for next week too. Can't wait! :)


You can't wait? WE CAN'T WAIT! You guys are epic!


Seriously?! How many of you are there? Do you sleep? I don't understand how one (presumably small?) company can churn out so much awesome stuff in such a short space of time!


There's only twenty-seven people working on the Duolingo team! Can't believe it sometimes...


Not to be cynical, but there is an awesome thing that can happen for a while with a newer code base, and a smaller team...the team can iterate very rapidly and make massive and awesome improvements. It is a wonderful thing! It helps that the Duolingo team also is awesome! But it does happen that as the code base expands there can be periods where the team is working really hard, but the external impact appears to be less...so, if they seem to be going slow trust that they are still working, and go try and translate something (I think I am up to at least 20 points of translation...sort of sad :-)


I do understand - it's called dedication =)


animals and me can wait


Im learning my 3rd language thx to duolingo :DDDDD and im only 10!!!


I'm ten and i'm taking courses in german, russian, esperanto, and morse code!


Let's see, my favorite would be... (ooooh, that's a really tough decision!) the practices through chats. It just sounds like such a neat way to strengthen words.


The chatroom idea would be incredibly amazing!


Practices through chats will be good. I find that my eagerness to come back to duolingo each day is strengthened by the social aspect of it. I hope the social part will become for intuitive as the site evolves, as right now I'm still a little lost.


I think some of you guys are getting the wrong impression. If you look at the hackathon blog post you'll see that the chat project is not a social project. It involves chatting with a bot, not other users.


With my social life I'll take whatever I can get. :)


Duolingo is always evolving and adding to everyone's ideas so It's possible the chat may involve other users and not just a bot.


It's possible that that could happen one day, yes, but as of right now the chat project involves chatting with a bot, not humans.


Thanks for clarifying


I agree. I think the chat will be a great addition to give people a chance to use what they learn in duolingo outside the lesson structure.


Incubator absolutely leads ahead.


Valar Morghulis.


What?! Not really :)


It's a High Valyrian greeting. I hope to see High Valyrian and other Game of Thrones' languages added to Duolingo via the incubator eventually. I agree that it's by far the best upcoming thing.


I thought you told me that Jaqen H'ghar looks like me. :) Real languages first! I'm waiting to learn some languages that I've never started in addition to those I'm improving day by day.


Well now that you mention it... maybe you are Jaqen H'ghar. He is a Faceless Man after all and can change his appearance at will.


That's not me at all!


So looking forward to the language incubator- duolingo is simply the best language learning resource out there and soon even the "less significant" languages such as Irish will have voice on the web at last. Thanks duolingo. Muchas gracias, grazie et merci beaucoup!


Go riabh mile maith agat a "sigmacharding"


Am bi gàidhlig ann cuideachd?


Tá an-brón orm ach níl a fhios agam. Taím fós ag déanamh staidéar gaeilge ar scoil agus níl me foirfe :) Ach le mo chairde cheapaim go mbeidh ndéanfaimid cúrsaí mhaith.


I believe there's even more under their sleeves.. a major one is otw :)


And I just noticed the addition of Spanish noun genders being shown when peeking at a noun during a lesson - sweet. Thanks Team


Whatever the whole DuoLingo-Team does is just great - wow, thank you so much!! - I do not want to decide for one but for all as it adds way more fun to DuoLingo! - Glorious weekend! :D


A kedvencem az "inkubátor", amivel adhatnak hozzá a felhasználók új nyelveket :D My favourite is the incubator, which will let users add languages :D ( the above text is hungarian)


I cannot wait for Hungarian. I would be so so happy.


Well it'll be awesome if you learn it! You can always ask me about it, too :)


I speak some Hungarian already (very basic) because my grandfather was Hungarian and I went on Erasmus in Budapest, but it would be amazing to become better!


Big round of appulause!


Take a break you deserve it!


But not too long! You need to implement all those great things you proposed. :-)


Five days to go! (this will become outdated very soon)


We are like the most excited people eva! :D


When can we test this new features? What a pitty that i have nice idea so late, when do you plan your next hack day?


I absolutely love Duolingo. Looking forward to the updates!!!


While I do appreciate their efforts, these improvements aren't applicable to everyone, nor are they for everyone. Like it's dependent on what language you study, or plan to study. What device you use to practice your language learning. How active your peers are on Duolingo, how accustomed you were to the old tree design and so on.

For me, so far, the only useful updates so far is probably word strength fix and the stricter mic tests. Though I don't doubt they will have future developments more suited for me.


Cheers to duolingo team! applause!


I'm new to this site but I love it!! Thank you for the update and I look forward in seeing what's around the corner. :-)


Keep up the superb work girls and boys! You are the best!


So when can I use it?


Duolingo gear? Is that as in shirts, and stuff?


Really? I would LOVE to buy a Duo shirt!


yes really. i wish i could buy a Duo shirt


souds great, Clara, but where do I find all these new tools? I am particularly interested in

  1. the movie trailer listening exercises (in all languages: German, Spanish, Italian and French),
  2. error review
  3. Italian speaking exercises.

Could you direct me to them? Thanks.


Four days to go. Just wait :)


Wonderful, but today you reduced my streak to 1, even though I can still clearly see in my weekly progress that I have completed all the last 7 days. Your system really encourages me to come back daily, but when my streak disappears, and I lose my lingot wager, when I have completed every day, it affects me negatively. Sad, coz you are otherwise doing a great job.


same thing happened to me :/


I like the ios update. I got to experience it on my girlfriends tablet. It's clean and adds some statistics. I look forward to a similar android update. Any round about time that that will happen?


I haven't seen any of this stuff in mine... is it only for some people and it will be added to mine later? The only thing I have that is new is the Lingots.


Actually pretty addicted to Duolingo... And these things just make me more excited to practice French :D...Really excited about the youtube trailers :), need to try that


This forum is truly amazing, and the most helpful way I've found to learn a language on my own. Thank you so much for the work you do and the service you continue to provide for the world! =D


We kwetch, and we kwetch, but really you rock!


I like the new way for relearning that is now in the iPad iOs7 version.In each skill, I can either redo a part or strengthen the words that Duolingo knows I am weak at


Looks to be epic. They should add Latin...


silly question, but where is the hackathon? I think my kids could both use flashcards? We've only been using Duolingo for 2 weeks, so I don't know where things are on this site.


I taught ESL for two years and I can honestly say this is the best language website I've come across. I never used it in class because I used my own materials but for the purpose of at home language acquisition, I think its truly revolutionary. I mention duolingo so much on my Facebook I may as well work for them. But seriously, I love being a part of this site and watching it grow is amazing.

One thing, though.

"Practice listening and writing through through watching movie trailers on Youtube"



Please , Please , could you make a new lingot for buying a few days absence from Duolingo . 3-5 days would be great . This will be the third time I am going to start a streak after building up 100-300 days . I do not mind the review and down grade in level . I miss the text of new vocabulary to be learned in the new topic and the lesson .BEFORE the new look ,nearly every day of study I reviewed , clicking on a lesson . Now there is NO chance to review before going on with another lesson .........(unless the program is made to put the mistakes I made in a review in the next lesson ).This I have NOT seen. Now I am forced to take paper and pen and record my mistakes

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