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Problem with double or nothing?

Today, I received the familiar announcement:

"You won your wager by keeping your streak for 7 days and have been awarded 10 lingots"

and saw my lingot total increase by 10, but when I went to the lingot store to renew my wager, I saw all 10 disappear from my total instead of the usual 5. Has this happened to anyone else?

June 11, 2015



I have discovered this post, so I know I'm not alone, but no solutions mentioned. Maybe an admin will take pity on me.



I've also had problems with it, at first I thought I missed count or something, then I was unsure about the hour I made my exercises .. maybe I should have done them earlier or something. But I started paying attention to it, and realise it doesn't always work as it should. I also have trouble with the lesson I've turn golden and then turn back to somewhere regular.. I am pretty unhappy about that, since I've put a lot of effort in getting everything right. I hope this is really a programming mistake that can be fix. :/


There is more to the story. After making my wager yesterday, and then continuing my streak today, my double or nothing counter still says "Day 0 of 7". Isn't anyone else having this problem? I'm not exactly feeling honored to be the only one having this problem!


I believe I've seen someone report this problem before. Sadly I don't remember how it turned out, so I am not a lot of help to you. But it is at least possible you are not alone. :) (My own Double Or Nothing is currently behaving as it should.)


Thanks for the info. Maybe someone else will see this that knows the outcome.


Well yet another day has passed and my counter still says "Day 0 of 7". I hope someone from DL sees this and can help me out.


Well my streak counter now seems to be working again. Thank you "powers that be."

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