"Mi bezonas la sapon, sed mi ne trovas ĝin."

Translation:I need the soap, but I do not find it.

June 11, 2015



Of course, because it's ground to powder.

August 26, 2015


That's why you shouldn't have dropped the soap.

June 11, 2015


Would this sentence be correct as "Mi bezonas la sapon, sed mi ne povas trovi ĝin?"

June 23, 2015


The Esperanto sentence actually translates to something like "...but I am not finding it" instead of "...but I cannot find it", but the former sounds unnatural in English.

August 18, 2015


That certainly seems like a better way of saying it.

July 10, 2015


La sapon estas sur la grundo, tuj antaux mi.

September 19, 2015


'but I do not find it' makes ZERO sense. Cannot or could not make sense. Not 'do'

November 22, 2015


Well, that depends on your point of view. You really can if you tried harder. You would probably say "but I don't find it." if you are still looking for it. We are more likely to say either "I can't find it" or "I haven't found it yet." to make the difference more obvious, but right now we are not sure what will happen as we grope around the slippery floor. Is the cup half empty or half full?

December 15, 2015


Kio ajn vi fari, ne prenu la sapon.

February 25, 2019


I decided to translate this as "I need soap..." - even though the Esperanto includes "la" - because "I need the soap" sounds odd in English. It's possible, if you're talking about a specific soap, but not really common. So... should I report my version as something Duo should accept, or is there an Esperanto rule or habit I'm not aware of?

July 7, 2019
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