"Usò il dizionario."

Translation:He used the dictionary.

June 11, 2015

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How do we tell 'usò' (I used) from 'uso' (I use) when spoken? Just context? (Upon hearing 'uso' I wrote 'I use a dictionary' which was rejected)


"Uso" and "usò" are pronounced differently so you have to train to notice the difference between them. In a certain way "uso" has a "longer o" than "usò" which has the accent. Finally I would suggest you to hear some recordings of these 2 words. I hope it could help you. Good luck! :D


Io usai il dizionario, lui/egli usò il dizionario. The ò makes the difference as it means it was in past and the sound is more long then a nornal o in "uso"


What is wrong with using a dictionary


Sono italiano! Se vuoi posso insegnarti anche le frasi più complesse e incomprensibili!


Anche io sono italiano, il dizionario aiuta molto ma in realtà per imparare a pieno il significato di frasi e parole serve fare conversazione :P ciao


My exercise gave uso, with accent, as '(he/she/it)used....' What would ' I used...' then be?


"Usare" - Passato remoto

Italiano English
io usai I used
tu usasti you (singular, informal) used
lui/lei/Lei usò he/she/you (singular, formal) used
noi usammo we used
voi usaste you (plural, informal) used
loro/Loro usarono they/ you (plural, formal) used


The drop down hint for usò was "he/she/it/you used" but I was marked wrong when I translated it as "You used the dictionary". But what was wrong with that response?


Usò is the verb that implies (lui/lei). Io usai, tu usasti, egli usò, noi usammo, voi usaste, essi usarono.


"You used the dictionary." was not accepted June 2021. Reported.


she says "Posò" instead of "Usò"

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