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"Die Seminare basieren auf seiner Vorstellung."

Translation:The seminars are based on his vision.

October 3, 2013



What's wrong with: "The seminars are based on his presentation."???


I used "off of" instead of "on." That should work too, don't you think?


Not really. You might use it, but it's not technically correct.


"basieren auf + D" means "to be based on". It is a fixed expression.


The correct translation was given as "The workshop are based..." My word, "workshops" was considered a typo. Subject and verb must agree in number in English.


A moment ago I had a sentence where Vorstellung was translated as show. Can anyone see a reason why that's wrong in this sentence or do I just need to report it?


The alternative given was 'The workshop are based on his imagination' I had made the word 'workshop' plural! Surely this must be wrong? If workshop is singular,the following word should be 'is'.


why is this not correct: "the seminars base on his idea"


It just doesn't sound right in English. You can say I base my ideas on that. Or the seminars base their existence on research. But each time you have to follow the word base with an object. If there's no object after the word base, you use the passive voice "are based" or "is based". Such as, my understanding is based on how much I have used Duolingo.


Is this sentence possible without passive voice.


I'm not an expert on English grammar, but I would say no. This sentence, translated into English, is not possible without the passive voice. But since I'm not a native German speaker, I don't fully understand the use of basieren.


I agree about this particular sentence in isolation, but it might be possible to avoid the passive voice if we knew who created the seminars based on his vision. For example, "The committee based the seminars on his vision" or "He based the seminars on his [own] vision." To avoid the passive voice there needs to be someone to perform the action.


I wrote "The seminars are based on his introduction" and this was accepted, but how do you reconcile "introduction" with "vision"?


Vorstellung is a presentation....I think content is a better translation than vision


The seminar is based on his vision


"The courseS..." it is plural.

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