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Some French skills don't recharge after practice

For the first time today, two skills (Adverbs 3 and Infinit. 3) do not recharge after practice. I've practiced each of them 2-3 times and they stay at strength 4. Other skills were fine (as usual) but my tree is not all gold now... :-(

June 11, 2015



A few questions...

Are you making any mistakes when you practice? If so, DL will assume that the words that tripped you still need strengthening.

Are you "hovering" your mouse over words to see the translation? DL holds that against you when you are trying to strengthen.

Hope this helps.


The answers to both is probably yes, but this never seemed to be an issue before. In 130 days of practice, as soon as I complete refreshing a skill once, it goes back to "gold", until today. Even today other skills went back to gold (and I made one or two mistakes there as well).


Well there has been some discussion about how an A/B test of a new way to calculate what needs refreshing was concluded with everyone being switched to the new way. Perhaps you were just switched.


Hi raveh40. I checked your tree status which looks perfectly gold now. Let us know if you continue to have the issue where you cannot make a skill into gold.

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Thanks, I tried it again a few hours after posting the question and it worked fine, so I completed the two skills I needed and made the tree gold again...

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