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More Recordings, Please

There are a lot of words and sentences introduced that do not have audio. It sure would be nice for n00bs like myself to have more audio versions to listen to when attempting to translate. It helps to reinforce the learning.

June 11, 2015



I would rather them fix the audio they have now than worry about getting more at the moment.

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The course has had audio issues from the beginning (this was Duo's first attempt at a course with a real speaker instead of a TTS engine) but have since been working on fixing it. We should hopefully be getting a new speaker soon (I recall reading something promising a while back, but it's been long enough now that I'm afraid that might have fallen through) and after that we may get more recordings. In the meantime, forvo.com and teanglann.ie should at least be able to help you with individual words. The latter even has separate recordings for each dialect, although they have not recorded every possible word.


Cool. Thank you. Irish Gaelic is very different from what I currently know, considering how the consonants may not be pronounced anything near to what they look like for an English speaker.


focloir.ie is a useful resource here, and is a good supplement to the course. The site is a dictionary, and has recordings of most words in all three major dialects.


I agree, this course would be much more effective with correct and complete audio.

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