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  5. "Gutten har på seg sokker."

"Gutten har seg sokker."

Translation:The boy wears socks.

June 11, 2015



Aren't monosilabic words (like sokk) supposed to stay the same in plural? (like dyr, hus, barn, etc)


The neuter ones, yes, but 'sokk' is masculine and does not follow the same pattern.


God damn this language is getting more and more complex


Tusen takk (again :)


Would not bruker be a better fit for this sentence? Gutten bruker sokker... since it is a general statement and not conveying that "the boy is wearing socks right now"?


I think "bruker" would be used to say that he, in general, wears socks. The sentence "the boy is wearing socks" implies that it is indeed happening right now.


When you use 'wears' like this in English you are very heavily implying habitual use (at least in my dialect), it's kind of confusing when it's then paired with "har på seg" instead of bruker, though I'm glad both are accepted. If you use "har på seg" in this sentence in English, you would want to say "is wearing" or "has socks on". Using "Wears" to mean 'currently using' is just not how you say it in English


Only socks? Just kidding. LOL


Can someone remind me why is there no indefinite article "a" here?( a sock/s) What is the rule for articles in English?


You don't use indefinite articles in front of plural nouns.


What is the difference between ' The boy wears socks ' vs ' The boy is wearing socks ' ? Wouldn't the translation be ' Gutten har på seg sokker ' is both cases?


Would "Gutter har på seg sokker din" mean the boy is wearing his socks?


Either "Gutten har på seg sokkene sine" or "Gutten har på seg sine sokker" would work.

Gutten means "the boy" (gutter would translate to "boys"). Because the owner of the socks is the third-person subject (i.e., "gutten"), we have to use a si- possessive. "Socks" is plural, so the correct possessive to use is sine. We have the option of putting the possessive either in front of the indefinite plural sokker or after the definite plural sokkene.


"The boy is wearing socks" is wrong??


Is "gutten har sokker på seg" the same as "gutten har på seg sokker" ?


Would you say "The boy is wearing socks?"


The first time the audio plays it often cuts off the end of the sentence. When I replay the sentence, it is played to the end... not sure if this is an error on my end or Duo's.


Good, 'cause he ain't getting on my trampoline without 'em.

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