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sound problems

I was using Duolingo on a PC, IPod touch, and IPad. For some reason, all the system sounds on the iPad app have stopped. I still have sound on the "listen to this in French and write it..." exercises, but no sound when I get a correct or incorrect answer, or finish a section. ANy tips?

October 3, 2013



I've had some sound problems as well on the PC. I record, I can play it back, but neither the Check or Continue buttons are active. My only way out is to click on the ''I don't want to use a microphone'' or however its phrased. No hearts lost (good) but no credit given (bad). This has happened multiple times when doing English to Spanish translating. Never with Spanish to English. I sent a message to support about the problem.


I, too, sent a message to customer support. Apparently it's only computer-generated responses, because three times I got a message explaining how to solve PC sound problems but not Ipad/tablet problems. After trying 3X to notify "support" that they were not addressing the issue, I gave up - because I kept getting the identical auto-response about updating "Flash" on a PC. I guess with a free program we can't expect much help.

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