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We now match the size of ...

Actually, with 28,200 learners, the municipality we're closest in size to is Askøy, which lies right outside of Bergen. However, I'm picking Lillehammer for this week, as I know more about it. Lillehammer is a municipality with around 27,300 inhabitants, and lies inland in the county Oppland, at the north end of Norway's biggest lake, Mjøsa.

The coat of arms shows a skier, referencing a historical event: Birkebeinerne. Today an annual cross-country and a cycle race is held commemorating this, both finishing in Lillehammer.

Some of you may have seen the show Lilyhammer, where Steven Van Zandt plays an American mafioso who moves to Lillehammer as part of a witness protection programme. In any case, here is an overlook of the town:

Did you notice the ski jumping hills in the top-left? Those are from the 1994 Winter Olympics, which were held here. I am a bit too young to have much of a recollection of this, but from the pictures I've seen it must have been a blast!

There is also a great open-air museum in Lillehammer called Maihaugen, where you can see how people built their farms and lived back in the days. You can also see a stave church there!

Image credits: Hasse A on Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA 3.0), Jan Petter Dahl, Peder Skou (CC BY-NC 2.0)

Previously: Voss, Grimstad

June 11, 2015



This is my favourite so far because I immediately remembered that the Norsk Litteraturfestival is in Lillehammer, and I really want to go next year! Most motivating reason to learn Norwegian, so thanks for the reminder! Also, of course, your post was interesting and informative! Thanks once again for making these! Have some lingots!


I always love to see these. I learn about some places in Norway never knew about. I know about Lillehammer though :)

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Awesome, thanks! I actually watched the TV show "Lilyhammer" which takes place in Lillehammer. The Norwegian is not dubbed, just subtitles.



I love that show.. thanks for posting this :)


I've been to Lillehammer once. Has to be one of my favorite places in the world. Such a sweet little town, I immediately fell in love with it. And the view from the ski jumping hills is utrolig!


Lillehammer is also scheduled to host 2016's Olympics, ja?


Nei, de skal være i Rio de Janeiro.


...oi, I feel dumb. 2016 is a summer year, obviously Lillehammer isn't hosting!


Hvorfor ikke? While Lillehammer is indeed further north than any place where the summer games (or other winter games, for that matter) have been held, it's not that much further north than Montreal, Stockholm, Helsinki, or Moscow.


I think Oslo, Norway is scheduled to host the 2018 Olympics, or maybe not. I just remember hearing something like that somewhere.


When last I looked, they had withdrawn their bid.


That's where I heard it. Now I remember hearing it on cnn...


The 2018 Olympics are in Pyeongchang, South Korea. Olso withdrew it's bid for the 2022 Olympics.

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