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iPhone app not working :(

I am having issues with my iPhone app!

When I finish a lesson on my phone, it says I get coins and that I finished and everything's great and awesome, then I click continue and it's like it never happened. The next lesson is still locked and I don't have the coins (or anything else) from completing the lesson. This always happens no matter how many times I redo the lesson. I have reinstalled the app, and just now I installed the new update for iOS 7 but it STILL isn't working. It sucks because I want to use Duolingo everywhere but sadly I can't.

When I log on to the computer everything works fine, then I go back to the app and it's updated (from what I did on the computer) but it still wont let me complete lessons on my phone.

Any help you could provide would be great!!

Thanks :)

October 3, 2013



My itouch app has been very uptight since the tree was redesigned. Have to reload it again and again. It's a bummer because it is by far my favorite app!


When my iphone was being grumpy with Duolingo, I logged out and logged back in. And, that helped.

In my case, my iphone was stuck on a historic version of my tree. I had completed a few lessons on the computer and the iphone was not showing them completed. And, I also could not get credit for any lessons that I did on my iphone.

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