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am it doing this right?

I have just about finished level 10 and overall am finding this to be so easy that I must be doing it wrong. For example, I'm still being asked to translate into English stuff like, "no hablo español"...

October 3, 2013



When I go back and do early lessons, Duolingo incorporates all of the grammar and vocabulary that I know. It can be quite challenging. Sometimes, I wish for a simple, "Buenas noches" and they do happen, but they're interspersed with compound sentences in various verbal tenses. Don't worry Duolingo will start throwing you some challenging sentences.


I understand the need for repetition... but I see no value in asking a person at an advanced level to continually interpret such elementary phrases as "Hola, cómo estas?" "Buenas noches." There's a point at which it stops being repetitious and gets insulting!


It is free and voluntary. If you have advanced beyond what Duo offers, move on. At your 'advanced level,' how many verb tenses do you know? ;)


It seems you're doing something wrong ig all you get is the same phrases... Do you pick new lessons from the lesson tree? Or are you just using the "lesson practice" button, cause that one just lets you repeat what you already should know.

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