"We are ready!"

Translation:Vi er klare!

June 11, 2015



My answer with "klar" got accepted but "klare" seems to be more grammatically correct. Do you agree?


When not used in an expression, the adjective should be agreed: Jeg er klar, Dere er klare. In an expression, you normally do not: Jeg er klar over det, Er dere klar over det? (være klar over noe); Gjør deg klar!, Gjør dere klar! (gjøre (seg) klar). Most people, however, would not consider it wrong if you did: Er dere klare? is okay.


Why is "Vi er ferdig" wrong?


It's not wrong, but I think it is far less common than "klar" (I may be wrong, however). I've added this as an alternative now.


Ferdig would be more used as "finished" then as "ready" if im not mistaken :D

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