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Den Guld Svensk Uggla Är Min

Hej alla!

Jag är Gymnastical och jag är här för att säga att min svensk träd är färdig. Här är min historia:

Jag var läsa mig nederlandska när jag såg den svenska version av "Spiegelbild" från filmen Mulan. Vilken vacker sång! Och i ett vackert språk. Jag än såg "Jag måste lära det här språk". Så inte lång efter min nederlandska träd blev färdig, jag björade det här träd.

Svenska är ett svårt språk, men jag älskar det. Min favorita meningar var meningarna för Sveriges culture. Den svårasta utmaning var översätta från engelska till svenska eftersom den finns mindre meningar från engelska. Emellertid, jag kommer att sedvana det.

Jag känner mig mycket åkstadkommes för detta och jag vill tacka den svenska lag för helt allting.


Hi everyone.

I am Gymnastical and I am here to say that my Swedish tree is finished. Here is my story:

I was learning Dutch when I saw the Swedish version of "Reflection" from Mulan. What a beautiful song! And in a beautiful language! I then said "I have to learn this language". So not long after I finished my Dutch tree, I got started on the Swedish tree

Swedish is a hard language, but I love it. My favorite sentences were the sentences about Swedish culture. The biggest challenge is translating from English to Swedish because there were not a lot of sentences from English to translate but I am going to practice that.

I feel really accomplished now and I want to thank the Swedish team for absolutely everything.

Here is a list of people who I want to thank outside of the Swedish team for all their support and being absolutely wonderful people: bemk92, sheldolina, het_aapje, Brijsven, Berrgie1, Lavinae, Usagiboy7, Teenage_Polyglot, EnigmaticTiger, AlsEenPoffertje, and whoever else I might be missing.

What's next? I am going to learn Portuguese as my summer project. My brother also wants to learn Czech with me so I have the reverse tree from Czech so I have something to work off of (you guys should really try Czech). I am also of course going to work on keeping my Swedish, Dutch, and Esperanto strong too. I'm going to be moving to Maryland like next weekend and the linguistic diversity there is much greater than where I live in Connecticut so I am really excited about speaking my languages with someone there.

I am at a loss for ideas for how to celebrate so any ideas would be greatly appreciated

See you all around!


June 11, 2015



Grattis! :)


Well done! I understand your Swedish just fine, but you're missing a bunch of definite articles. I know grammatical genders are a bit of a mess to learn but I'm afraid they are necessary.

A couple of corrections:

Den Guld Svensk Uggla Är Min.

Den gyllene svenska ugglan är min.

Min svensk träd är färdig.

Mitt svenska träd är färdigt.

Den svenska version av "Spiegelbild".

Den svenska versionen av "Spegelbild".

Jag måste lära mig det här språk.

Jag måste lära mig det här språket.

Så inte lång efter min nederlandska träd blev färdig, jag björade det här träd.

Så, inte långt efter att mitt nederländska träd blev färdigt började jag på det här trädet.

Min favorita meningar var meningarna för Sveriges culture.

Mina favoritmeningar var meningarna för (om) Sveriges kultur.

Hope you don't mind my nitpicking (lord knows I couldn't write French as well as you write Swedish!) and again, great job! :)


Grattis :D How will you continue learning svenska?


I am going to continue to work on the tree and make it golden (retention is not the easiest aspect of Swedish) as well as surround myself in the language. Sometime this month, I am going to do whatever I can to use as much Swedish as possible


Congratulations! :D Good luck with Portuguese and Czech :)


Thanks. And best of luck to you when your Italian friends visit on (what is it. Friday?)


Yup, tomorrow! I'm really nervous, haha.


You can do it! You had that Esperanto chat and that was a much bigger challenge. You were looking at a full conversation after only six days of learning. Italian on the other hand, you've had a lot more time to practice it and have taken steps beyond what most of us would have thought of. Also, you have GIRL POWER (no being sexist intended). Something I have found comforting before typing texts in a foreign language is to work on that tree a little bit so you can try that to (but MAKE SURE THE MIC, SPEAKER, AND AUTO PLAYBACK ARE TURNED ON).

If all else fails (which nothing every does with you), I am sure that if they're friends enough that they're visiting from that far, they love and accept you even if you speak their language terribly but they will love that you tried. And even just for trying, you always have something to celebrate: YOU and your EFFORTS.


Thank you very much for the encouraging words, Maggie! :)

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