"Vi selger dyret."

Translation:We are selling the animal.

June 11, 2015


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A life can't be sold.

October 9, 2015


Yes. The Roman and greek way. Lives for coins. If you're a slave.

November 13, 2015


Silent G in selger?

June 11, 2015


Yes, at least in the dialect the voice is using (Oslo-dialect). In other dialects letters that sound silent here, would be pronounced.

June 17, 2015


Hei! Unnskyld for asking 2 years late, but if you were speaking to someone outside the Oslo dialect and pronounced it with a silent g, would they still be able to figure out what you're trying to say? And vice versa?

July 10, 2017


I can't tell you for sure, but I would think that you still be perfectly understood. Unless there's a word pronounced just like selger but with the g, it shouldn't be a problem (and even then context and the fact that Oslo pronounces it that way would probably be enough to figure it out)

I would image that it's a bit like rhotic versus non-rhotic dialects of English. In some dialects (like General American or Canadian) all r's are pronounced, so that "hard" is pronounced /ˈhɑːrd/. Then there are the non-rhotic dialects (like most British English dialects or a Boston accent) which drop some of the r's, so that "hard" is pronounced /ˈhɑːd/. Most Americans can still understand English people and vice versa, so I bet it's the same way for Norwegian! :>

July 29, 2017


Ahh tusen takk! Much appreciated :)

July 31, 2017


If you had posted an add on Kijiji let's say. Is this the way you would say "We're selling the animal" in that sense? Or is this just when you are physically selling the animal right now?

August 9, 2015


What's difference between "Vi selg dyret" and "Vi selger dyret"?

August 10, 2017


Why not the animals? Plural

June 20, 2015


Dyrene - the animals Dyret - the animal

September 3, 2015



September 5, 2015


Yusen tak!

November 11, 2017


Why is the d not silent here?

February 1, 2018


what animal are you selling?

February 22, 2018
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