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Delete a language

I chose Portuguese but want to remove it now, I can't seem to figure out how to delete it.

December 27, 2012


[deactivated user]

    Sign in to your Duolingo on a PC and use this link https://www.duolingo.com/settings/reset_lang


    I can't click the button "remove". :(


    Thank you! I was looking for that for ages.


    If you still didn't find it: you should click on 'edit profile', you'll have to choose 'account' there. This is the place where you can remove a language or reset your progress.


    how do you add a language and learn 2 languages together


    How do you delete a language?


    I been in China for a while


    u want to study german with me?


    Dieses ist ein weinig longweilig und verdrieslig.


    super Englischkurs, danke


    ich möchte Italienisch lernen. Duolingo bietet mir Italienisch über Englisch an. leider ist mein Englisch noch nicht gut genug um italienisch zu erlernen.


    I want to delete Italian and start French. How do I do this?


    Log into your account on browser, you will see your username and profile picture, click this and then click settings.Click language learning and you can reset or remove a language from here you can also add a course


    Delete one language by one language, and refresh the page.


    There is another topic somewhere in here similar to yours. Someone said something like select your current desired language again, and it is supposed to cancel the unwanted one. I have not tried this, so I am not sure. Can anyone else viewing this confirm it?


    You can study multiple languages simultaneously, so just switching languages won't remove a previous one.

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    You can't delete it. Like arthaey suggested, just switch your learning language to whichever one you want to study.


    Hi, Bren: Can simultaneous replies cancel one or the other? Or did you remove my added reply? It is ok, if you did, because it has obviously been shown as inaccurate.


    I'm studying a few at once and I'm rather unfairly ahead on my Leaderboard (because of points from Spanish, which I already speak). I'd like to get rid of the language especially because of the Leaderboard - give my friends a sporting chance! :D


    Me neither, I have some courses I accidentally clicked on and I am also looking for assistance on how to delete them.


    I am learning Chinese, Japanese. Korean. And also Spanish, Portuguese. French. Italian. German. And some others. I do not wanted to learn Russian because it is about as hard as learning Chinese. I rather learn Chinese instead of Russian and also wanted to learn Hindi for India for WTC in New York City.


    I am looking for college classes online for WTC. And I will make good money in the future. Plans some business travel.

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