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"The night can be frightening."

Translation:La nokto povas esti timiga.

June 11, 2015



Can anybody explain how my head keeps writing devi instead of povi? This is the nth time.


Iu, kiu povas skribi per sia kapo, estas pli talenta ol mi.


Mi alklakas la klavaron per mia frunto.


La nokto malhelas, kaj plenas je teruroaĵoj


Is there a difference between tima and timiga?


Tima from the verb timi: to be afraid of, to fear - hence tima: afraid.

Timiga from the verb timigi : to frighten - hence timiga: frightening.


Thanks! I just had one of those "oooohhh, so that's how this works" moments.


Why is "povus" not a better translation? This sentence seems to talk about a hypothetical situation, not one that is happening at present.


I understand this sentence that way: the night is frightening for some people, not everyone. “can” is used to show a reality that may occurs (or not).

I do not see that definition in the Plena Ilustrita Vortaro: https://vortaro.net/#povi

  1. Being able to (eg: being strong enough)
  2. Being entitled to (like a judge can send you to jail)
  3. Having the permission to (my mother said I can!)

What do you think?

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