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  5. "You like our dogs."

"You like our dogs."

Translation:Is maith leat ár madraí.

June 11, 2015



Why isn't madraí lenited?


I don't understand I'm so confused I'm not sure what question to ask


Could the second last comment be " i like your question." ?


Its translation is “I like your answer”.


madraí is not lenited because ár- bhur - a cause eclipse . However, Madraí is not eclipsed because only words starting with BCD - FG - PT are eclipsed. do - mo- a lenite words starting with BCD-FG-PT-SM I remember the initial letters in that order because its easier to recall and SM reminds me of SéiMhu. Cuid ( portion of) is eclipsed.


It is amazing what you do retain from here. I have not been on here for over a week and then I hadn't been on here for a good few month. Just kind of got depressed with it and took a long break. Came on today and got this completely correct....just amazing. Not only did I get it correct but understood why it was correct, lol. I really need to get here more regularly again. No question just a little encouragement for those who struggle like me. :)


"taithníonn leat ár madraí" is wrong?


Yes — that form would be Taitníonn ár gcuid madraí leat. (The translation above should have been Is maith leat ár gcuid madraí.)


taitníonn do fhreagra liom


is maith libh ár madri i has fada


It's madraí, and there is a fada on the í, but it's hard to distinguish in the font that Duolingo uses.

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