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"Jenta legger boken ned bordet."

Translation:The girl puts the book down on the table.

June 11, 2015



"The girl puts down the book on the table" shouldn't be accepted?


No native speaker would ever say: 'The girl puts down the book on the table.' They would say: 'The girl puts the book down on the table.'


It might sound unnatural, but keep in mind this course is for learning Norwegian, not about learning English. I guess most students aren't native English speakers, but just use English because their primary language isn't available as 'basic' language in Duolingo. So Duolingo should be a tad more forgiving for errors in English than it is for errors in Norwegian.


They do where I come from.


Can the 'ned' be dropped like it can in English?


"Puts down the book" strikes me as somewhat unnatural word order. I am not confident that it is grammatically incorrect, but I wouldn't expect a native speaker to use that construction.


Why is "the girl lies the book down on the table" not accepted ?


You should be able to translate legger as either "lay(s)" or "put(s)," because these words all require a direct object (e.g., "boken").

However, "lie(s)" is not an acceptable translation because "lie(s)" is intransitive and cannot take a direct object.

In other words, you actively lay (legger) something on a surface:

Jeg legger et brev på bordet = I lay a letter on the table.

Objects and people passively rest and lie (ligger) on a surface:

Brevet ligger på bordet = The letter lies on the table.


She lays the book down on the table wasn't accepted, so its not about lay vs lie.


"She lays..." would be "Hun legger". The sentence here is "Jenta legger...", so you must say "The girl", not "she".


My mistake, it was late. The girl lays the book down on the table wasn't accepted and the correction used puts.


New audio: it sounded a lot like "Jenta legger bøkene på bordet"

I guess this gives the course a more authentic feel, but it's hard to hear the difference for me.


Why do I get dinged for having a single consonant where there's supposed to be a double, but I don't get dinged for a double consonant where there's supposed to be a single?


I thought it was " jenta legger bøkene på bordet" the boken and the ned ran together.


Ha, I can see how that might happen. If you are Norwegian though, you would probably have no difficulty in hearing the difference in vowel sounds between "bo" and "bø". Try typing this into Google Translate: "Boken ned. Bøkene." Then press the speaker button to get it to say it out loud. You'll hear the difference right away. (by the way, Google's Norwegian speaking voice is much better than it used to be).


Why do we need ned here?


Exactly what i heard, JonasVH93!


Ned vs nede?


He's pronouncing it as bokene, not boken ned

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