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Changing Fluencies

So yesterday I reached 28% fluency in German, and then today I opened up Duolingo to find that my German fluency had dropped to 21%, and also that the one memory bar each from seven topics had faded! I strengthened one lesson, then my fluency went up to 22%, but after strengthening another, I found that my fluency had gone down to 21% again! I also scrolled down my tree and saw that still I had a lot of topics to strengthen. Do fading memory bars have anything to do with my German fluency constantly changing, or is this a technical problem? Thank you!

June 11, 2015



They just changed an algorithm which changed how Duolingo measures how well you know a skill, which is what made your skills lose strength and probably also changed your fluency bar. More info here.


Although, I seem to have aced the first stage of Spanish, the program will not let me move to the next level, although it shows what is where I should be. I have repeated the lessons a zillion times, but I seem to be stuck. What am I doing wrong?


You seem to have unfinished lessons in both Food and Animals skills. Once these lessons are completed, the next set of skills will be available for you to progress.


I will try again, but it shows that those two lessons have been completed, and, god-knows, I have done both of them at least five times and done the practice lessons on them as well. It just seems to be stuck. I may shoot myself if I have to answer another question about a turtle or a strawberry.


Normally when all lessons in a skill are complete, the skill changes to golden colour. And when you look at the lessons inside the skill, you will see a green check mark against the completed lessons.

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