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Bonus Skills in Norwegian

I was wondering if anyone knows if you can learn bonus skills in Norwegian? I saw a Nynorsk bonus skill in my Spanish Lingot Store, however, it does not appear in my Norwegian Lingot store. Anyone have an explanation for this?

June 11, 2015



They're coming! I believe they're already made, in fact, but Duolingo staff need to do some tech work before any bonus skills for new (er, anything besides the original ones made by staff, not volunteers) languages can be released. There's no set date on when they'll be available yet though.


I had the same problem with my German tree! I tried to buy it, but nothing happened.


Are there duolingo lessons specifically for travellers to use on a visit?

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There are some that would be more useful than others, but you can't reach them without going through the rest of the lessons up to that point.

"Basics", "Phrases", and "Food" at the very beginning are three good ones. "Location", "Direction", "Prepositions", "Questions", and "Places" would all be helpful for asking and understanding directions, and then there's the actual "Travel" skill which deals with modes of travel.

Past those, I think it begins to depend more on what you'll be doing during your vacation, and what sort of proficiency you're looking to have.

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