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  5. "Вода холодна!"

"Вода холодна!"

Translation:The water is cold!

June 11, 2015



Hi there, could this be translated to "cold water" or would we necessarily have to say "холодна Вода"? If it is possible then does it sound strange? And then how would you make a difference between say "the hot water is pleasant" and "the pleasant water is hot" (I am not sure this is a great example :) ). Cheers.


If you use an adjective as an attribute, it usually goes before the noun. You may invert it, if you feel that you need to (maybe you are writing a poetry)

If use an adjective as a predicate, you put where predicate usually goes - after the subject.

  • Гаряча вода - hot water
  • Вода гаряча - water is hot
  • Гаряча вода приємна - the hot water is pleasant
  • Приємна вода гаряча - the pleasant water is hot

It's not reuired, but you may put a dash between a subject and a predicate to avoid confusion: Гаряча вода - приємна


Thanks a lot! Your answers on the forums are very helpful!


Дуже дякую!! It is great to see the advice you put on here, always very useful! :D


In the folk song Дунаю Дунаю. It says Яка в тебе зимна вода. На краю, на краю! Is зимна so cold? Poetic form, archaic? Edit, forgot зимна іs winter so it would be like wintery water I guess. The Polish lesson uses Zimna for cold soup and coffee. Also there is a place in Lviv Oblast called Зимна Вода.

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