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"The children have their own bedrooms."

Translation:Børnene har deres egne soveværelser.

June 11, 2015



Why wouldn't you use "sine" here?


Sine is for one person owning multiple things. Here, you have multiple people owning multiple things.


Ohh, that makes sense. Thanks!


http://www.speakdanish.dk/en/grammar/pronoun-pers-table.php on the last line, if the subject loves someone else's wife/husband/children then ''De elsker deres barn/børn'' (They love their child/children): if the subject loves his/her own wife, husband/children, then ''De elsker deres barn They love their child; De elsker deres børn; They love their children'' The adjective remains 'deres' when the subject is plural (they).] so does this mean , as some of the comments suggest 'they' is not included?


Maybe it's because of the word egne in the sentence? De har sine sovevaerelser might be the same as: de har deres egne sovevaerelser? Sine egne would maybe be own own?

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