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Now You're Talking! Educational series

After finishing the Irish tree, I started looking around for supplementary materials, and I found this series the other night: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nz--LpYC30

There are 28 episodes in total, each one about 24 minutes long or so. It's very clearly from the 90s -- look at the pantsuits! -- but I think it's a great way to hear the language spoken. I think all of the folks in the videos are native Ulster speakers, so if you're unfamiliar with that dialect (and for reference, the Duolingo speaker doesn't use Ulster, so I certainly was) you'll get to hear a different take on the language.

I've watched the first two videos and they're definitely aimed at beginners, but I can tell it's helping my pronunciation. :-)

June 12, 2015



Thanks for this! It's cute, fun, clear, and informative, and I appreciate that the speakers speak at what seems to me a pretty natural speed. Good listening practice.


I know this is an old post, but I had to come and give you a lingot for it. I struggled with Irish off and on for well over a decade, pre-internet days, before finally finding the Now You're Talking series - then, it was called Irish On Your Own. It consisted of a series on cassette with a very well done workbook, and I had to order it from Northern Ireland. The shop that had it in didn't ship to the US, so I got some friends to ship it to me in exchange for some (banned in the North, at the time) books about the history of the Troubles. Yes, that really is how hard it used to be to find Irish learning resources outside of the Gaeltacht!

With Now You're Talking, I finally made some headway. A year or so later, I heard it had been picked up and turned into a tv series, but being stuck in the US, I had no way to watch it... so I'm delighted to have found it again, despite much of it being a review for me at this point. Go raibh míle maith agat for the find, and the nostalgia it's given me!


Tá céad míle fáilte romhat, a chara!

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