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podcasts in other languages - and other reousrces

I'm looking for podcasts and online audio/video channels for shows where they speak another language... in my case, I'm looking to learn Italian by watching Italian speaking podcasts and shows.

Unfortunately, searches for "italian podcasts" only show results for podcasts where they try to teach the language, which isn't what I'm looking for.

Any ideas?

October 4, 2013



Librivox has audiobooks in several languages, including Italian. http://librivox.org/search You might want to start with a children's book, depending on how comfortable you already are with the language. Enjoy! :)


Yeah, great site, I love it.

Does anyone other than me think it would be a good idea for Duolingo to have a Resources page for each language? I'd love to see these and other external resources made available to everyone on Duolingo without having to dig through forum posts and comments.


I think that's a wonderful idea! I have gotten quite a few useful links from comments that have been posted on DL but, if someone joins DL after they've been posted, they'll probably never see them unless they are posted, again, by someone else.


Fantastic site with tons of free audiobooks - thanks for posting. :)


Hi, danvanderboom. Check this website : www.rai.tv It's an Italian tv channel's.


Awesome, thanks halymoonbe!

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