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Internet Relay Chat (IRC) -- Speak with other Esperanto speakers!

Saluton, mia amiko!

Once you have some conversational basics down, it might assist your proficiency in Esperanto to make some practical use of it. An excellent resource for this is an Internet Relay Chat (IRC).

IRC is used to refer to servers on which people communicate like a chat room. You join and get to speak immediately and in real time with people all over the world. You can access it via a few methods.

1) Follow this link: http://esperantejo.com/kiwi.html

The above will take you directly to the ##esperanto 'channel', which is where the majority of esperanto speakers congregate. Once there, you can type in '/j #komencintoj' in order to join the esperanto beginners channel. In the first channel, you can find people speaking all levels of esperanto, and can get swift and timely responses to any questions about the language you may have. In the second channel, you may engage in beginner conversations with other speakers.


2) (advanced) Connect yourself if you know how. Here is the server:

Would love to see some new faces around! Thanks for reading!

June 12, 2015


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