"Anden spiser."

Translation:The duck is eating.

June 12, 2015



To my ear, "and" and "anden" are pronounced exactly the same. Is there a difference, or is the distinction between them purely coming from context?


There is a difference. But since the D in "and" isn't pronounced, the word "anden" behaves like it ends in "nen". And when a word ends in "nen" in Norwegian, the E is just barely pronounced if it's pronounced at all. In other words, a word like "anden" would sound like "an'n", which is very similar to "and". But if you listen closely, you can hear that extra syllable.


thanks a lot for this explanation!


Spiser should be both eats and is eating right? At least I have always seen it used like that


Ja. Both are correct.


That's another time, when I hear this anden as han .

It is me or there is something wrong with the audio?

EDIT: In slow-tempo it's ok, but it's usually too late to answer again :P


Why does they pronounce every word at the starting of the sentence so fast and slow down at the end of the sentence

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