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  5. "Are you a lawyer?"

"Are you a lawyer?"

Translation:Er du en advokat?

June 12, 2015



Can one not say "Er I ..."? I thought that was the polite form.

[deactivated user]

    "Er I ...?" means "Are you (plural)?" (as in "Are y'all a lawyer?")

    That doesn't work because we are only referring to a single lawyer.


    So is "I" simply the 2nd person plural, "you"? I thought, because it is always capitalized, it might be a polite form of address, like "Sie" in German, "vous" in French (where it is also the 2nd person plural) and "usted" in Spanish. Does Danish not have a polite form at all? Is the queen also "du"? Thanks for taking the time to answer!

    [deactivated user]

      Just like German, we use the 3rd person plural for addressing people formally. In this use, it is capitalised: De

      This form is only used for the royal family, though. Use du/I with everyone else.


      Mange tak, vielen Dank, muchas gracias! I'm so glad I asked and you answered, because now I know how to address the queen when next we chat! ;-) ! Here's a lingot for you.


      My danish coworkers sometimes adress me or others as 'De' though. They are sweet ^^

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