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  5. "The lawyer has a secretary."

"The lawyer has a secretary."

Translation:Advokaten har en sekretær.

June 12, 2015



I thought one could leave out the indefinite article? As in "Kvinden har kjole paa"?


I am not a native Danish speaker ... The tips and notes state "... in Danish it is possible to omit the article before the thing you’re wearing" . I don't think that all indefinite articles may be omitted in Danish.


Thanks, awefulwaffle; it seems you are right!


When referring to someones profession og clothes it is possible to leave out, but not in this case.


Thank you, Julie. Not that I understand the rationale behind it ...


The key here is that there’s no reference to neither wearing clothes or having a certain profession, but to something the lawyer has (a secretary). If the sentence had been ‘The lawyer has an apple’ you also need the article. If he had had a shirt (just in possession of and not wearing it) you would need the article as well.


Ah! Now it's getting clearer! Thanks for your trouble, Julie! Here's a lingot for you!


I've found it to be similar to English in that, if you are talking about a specific person (from all other persons), you need to say 'the'. It can't be left out when making specific references. (It's not just any lawyer being talked about, but one very specific lawyer out of all possible lawyers.) Similarly, if you're just speaking generally about someone wearing a dress, I guess you can leave out the article. (This is a new thing for me to remember.) But if you are making specific reference to one particular dress (out of all other possible dresses), then you have to include the article. E.g. Hun har en rød kjole på i dag.


Some also have a ninja!

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