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"I love you Ayse, I cannot go!"

Translation:Seni seviyorum Ayşe, gidemem!

June 12, 2015



"Ayse, seni seviyorum, ben gidemem." I think that it isnt mistake. But it is true that it is not logical.


For me it is making sense. A person (here seni-you) love Ayse, because of that reason this person cannot go (cannot leave her)


I love you.....why translated :sen seviyorum....(Simdike zaman), insted of: Seni severim...(Genis zaman)... BREAK ROOL! WHY?HOW WE 'LL TRANSLATE ANOTHER EXAMPLES? IT'S DEFICULT FOR US WHOM ENGLISH ISN'T A MOTHER TONQUE?


"Gidemem," using the aorist ending, seems to mean (to me, anyway) that Ayshe's lover can never, ever leave under any circumstances. But what if the progressive ending were used (gidemiyorum, perhaps)? Would the meaning be more like, "I cannot leave right now (but I might tomorrow)"?

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