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"Hem çalışman hem de eğlenmen lazım."

Translation:You need to both work and have fun.

June 12, 2015



As a native English speaker I was surprised that "You need both to work and have fun" was not accepted, as this is grammatically correct English and is probably the phrasing most native speakers would use. Please add to accepted answers.


(Also a native speaker) for maximum precision one should probably make the construction parallel, and make it "You need both to work and to have fun." But I do agree that in speech your suggestion would be the most likely phrasing, and should be accepted. Please report it.


I ♥ parallel construction! "You must both work and have fun" was just accepted for me. "You need both to work and to have fun" was not. (Reported, 24 July 2021.)


I am also sorry to be pedantic, but not only is it better English not to split the infinitives in this case, it sounds better as well.


Sorry to be pedantic, but ''to both work'' is splitting the infinitive.


This sentence could be translated so many ways--I need to memorize the answer, because I'm never getting it "right". "P


"you need both to work and to have fun", no?


It is right in english but duo doesn't accept it


You need both to work and to have fun. Perhaps should be added to the correct translations.


My sentiments as well.


In my opinion this is exactly my translation!!


Lydia, i think rather intuitively that "i need" and "to" can't be sperated and it is used for the two verbs. Also that "both" can be seperated from "work and have fun".


Very bad pronounciation of "ğ"


Split infinitives are very annoying. Technically this english sentence is wrong.


Why should I spoil my English to fit requested translation? It's getting too much common...


"you need to work and also need to enjoy" is wrong?


The first time of life to read to both!!!


as for me, infinitive souldn't be splitted


Strange word order in your English traanslation...


Very poor English. Infinitives should not be split. Bottom of the class.


The sentence seems to be a general sentence using for every body and because of this expresion i translated as "learning and having fun are both needed . "And was marked roung .would some one make it clear .thanks in advanc .


I am glad that so many people already commented on the split infinitive. And why are constructions using "also" (instead of "both") not permitted?


Stefan, have a look at those two websites about the use of "hem...hem de": https://elon.io/learn-turkish/lexicon/29239/hem-...-hem-(de)-... and this one with three Duolingo sentences with "hem....hem de".


Thank you very much for your time and effort, Mariane. I see now that the standard English translation for "hem ... hem" is "both ... and". Being a native speaker of German, I assumed that the German equivalent ("sowohl ... als auch") might be translatable as something with "also" in it, but I was thinking in the wrong direction.


Stefan, i think that word for word translation is a trap! Isn'it? I know the difficulty to learn Turkish from English being French native!!!! A dangerous gymnastic for the brain!


"You need to work as well as to fun"... is it right?


Nope, "to fun" is not a verb in English. You could in theory say "to have fun" :)

Also, "hem...hem de" should be translated as "both X and X' :)


Please work on the pronunciation of "eg-" in "eglenmen." It sounds like "g" is not pronuonced at all.


That is unfortunately nothing we can do about this :)


why "it is necessary" is wrong?


Adel Torres is right. There are many ways to translate this sentence.


You need to have both, work and fun. (Could this translation be better?)


Could one say "You need both work and fun"?


I don't understand that!! it makes no sense


Is it possible to say in Turkish: "Hem çalışma hem de eğlenme lazım."? That is, without the 2. person endings on the gerunds? In English "You" could refer to a specific persom you're talking to, OR to anyone. The point I'm making is that an English statement like this, taken out of context, sounds like a general truth, valid to anyone. Is the same true of Turkish?


"It is necessary that you work and have fun at the same time." I know I could have come up with a better sentence, but is it really wrong? :/


FatimaFazal, do you think that when you judge Duolingo's translation as you do here will help somebody to learn and to make progress in Turkish?

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