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From English only?

Hello all,

I just signed up to start learning Spanish. Now I am very comfortable with English, but French is my mother language. I would like to be able to learn Spanish from a French platform, and to translate from Spanish to French and vice versa rather than in English. I wish to do so for increased comfort seeing as the two languages share the Latin root, and would make for more comprehensive learning if I could apply and compare some concepts like the masculine/feminine aspects of these tongues. I tried putting the site language on the main page to French after I had made my account, but that only changed the language for the logging in menu.

So, does anyone know if it is possible to work from a French platform rather than an English to learn Spanish? Or is that only possible for learning English?

Thank you,

October 4, 2013



For right now, you can only learn Spanish from English. Hopefully learning Spanish from French will be added soon!

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