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Teacher and Student

Hi all,

I am a Language Department Chair and French teacher. I have been using Duolingo to teach myself Spanish, so I have an account. I am very interested in having the teachers at my school use this program. In order for me to use this in the classroom, do I need a different account? I am asking this because my students are learning French. Can I be involved in learning both French and Spanish? Maybe this is a silly question, but I really want to be prepared to help myself, my students, and my colleagues.

June 12, 2015



No problem at all. You can be learning as many languages as you want, or you can choose to not learn French on Duolingo yourself at all - it won't affect the way your students' progress is reported to you.

We have compiled some pointers to get you started on using the dashboard - let me know if anything is missing! :)


You can learn Spanish and still be a French teacher.

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