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"One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!"

Translation:En, to, tre, fire, fem, seks, syv, otte, ni, ti!

June 12, 2015



I have got this task (to translate it from English to Danish) four time in a row, no joke! At least now I can definitely count to ten :D


I think I'm getting my languages mixed up again... so, in Danish, when one is counting, one should use en instead of ett?


You wouldn't use "ett" no matter what; the Danish word is "et" ;) your quest to learn all three Scandinavian languages is very impressive!

I would say that "en" is more common when counting, but it really comes down to being a matter of preference rather than a rule :)


...razzm-frazzm et instead of ett... that's probably why I got marked wrong. Tak for din hjælp!


Nah, actually, we haven't included "et" as a solution for "one", but I've added it now! Selv tak!


If you're just counting from, and not referring to anything specific, en and et may be use as you want. Most of the people I know use "et", but I think there are regional preferences in play.


Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Icelandic - aren't there en, to, tre, fire Scandinavian languages


Faroese is missing -> fem.

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