"Вони роблять щось нове!"

Translation:They are doing something new!

June 12, 2015



Should "They are making something new!" be accepted?

June 12, 2015


I think so

June 12, 2015


So when you are speaking, how do distinguish between making and doing?

January 22, 2016


In Ukrainian, Polish and probably other Slavic languages there's no difference at all :) For us do/make is the same (that's why I mix them up all the time XD).

July 29, 2016


It's typical of Romance languages too. Germanic languages may be rather rare with this distinction.

July 29, 2016


it all the same polish and Ukrainian

April 3, 2017


You mainly rely on context. Of course, if you wish to say that you make something in the sense of "physically creating" it, Ukrainian (and other Slavic languages) have the verb 'творити', but this doesn't mean you can translate all instances of English make with it (e.g. "to make an impression" cannot be translated with 'твoрити').

July 11, 2017


The pronunciation of щось sounds more like /щес/ to me here. Is that common? I also must admit that the pronunciation of що sounds like the Russian что to me, but that may just be my ears playing tricks on me.

August 28, 2015


Sounds like шість to me.

October 8, 2015


It sounds like щось to me.

January 14, 2016


It may be the sh + ch in the щ of щось that is missing with your ears.

October 14, 2018


Am I correct to assume the neuter form Нове is used because Щось could be something of any of the genders?

September 7, 2015


we use neuter for something of unknown gender/grammatical gender (Що це було? - What was that?) and masculine for somebody of unknown gender (Хто це був? - Who was that?)

September 8, 2015


Or "they are working on something new" like researching new products.

November 19, 2015


That would be "Вони працюють над чимось новим"

November 21, 2015


Does anyone know why the English translations don't show when it is "fill in the blanks" in Ukrainian ?

October 28, 2016


I think the translation is not given in this type of tests.

BTW: There is a general discussion for such questions. The sentence discussion is only for asking questions about corresponding sentences.

October 28, 2016


Where is this general discussion? I cannot see it.

April 13, 2019
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