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  5. "My mouth is red."

"My mouth is red."

Translation:Tá mo bhéal dearg.

June 12, 2015



Why not- Tá mo bhéal DHearg." Thought adjectives agreed?


béal is masculine, and only lenited because of mo. dearg would only lenite following a feminine noun.


Scilling and galaxyrocker - now I'm REALLY confused !


Dearg in this sentence is predicative, not attributive. Predicative adjectives aren’t declined. If dearg were attributive, it would only be lenited following béal (a singular masculine noun) if béal were genitive or vocative.

EDIT: An attributive dearg could optionally be lenited after béal if béal followed a leniting den, don, or sa, and it would be lenited if it were part of other non-eclipsing definite prepositional phrases — e.g. sa bhéal dearg, sa bhéal dhearg, sa mbéal dearg, ar an bhéal dhearg, and ar an mbéal dearg are all possible.

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