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  5. "Vi drikker kaffen."

"Vi drikker kaffen."

Translation:We are drinking the coffee.

June 12, 2015



I just don't think "the" is necessary in "the coffee", we're drinking coffee sounds much more natural


it's super annoying and deeply rooted in the entire danish course of duolinguo


'Kaffen' is 'the coffeé'. If you want to say just coffeé it's just kaffe. Remember this part is about definite article.


Thats what I thought too but if you think about it, Danish people use difgerent grammar in some situations like "Kvinden drikker ikke øllen." Which in English translates to "The woman dors not drink beer." Danish is a bit different but we have to think about the difference in languages


Did anyone else not hear the "vi"?


I heard "de" but I put it on "slow" because I wasn't sure whether it was kaffe or kaffen and there I heard "de"


I'm a Danish native speaker, and I heard "vi's" or something like that. I don't know where the extra 's' comes from, but "vi's" is not the right pronounciation. The speak synthesis just has to pronounce it "vi" and nothing else than that. It just says "vi's" everytime I have those exercises in which the pronoun "vi" is included in the phrases.


We would never translate this with "the" in english.


Sounds very similar to De and i dont see Vi much.


Is it just me that is having difficulty with no sound coming out? What can I dont to be able to hear it?


seriously sounds like DE drikker kaffen

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