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  5. "The woman loves her career."

"The woman loves her career."

Translation:Kvinden elsker sin karriere.

June 12, 2015



What do I look at to determine that karrier should have -e at the end of it? its not between a definite article and a noun and it is not plural so I am at a loss. Someone help please. Thanks ahead of time!

[deactivated user]

    There is no -e added at the end of it. The noun is "karriere".

    Singular indefinite: en karriere

    Singular definite: karrieren

    Plural indefinite: to karrierer

    Plural definite: karriererne


    Why couldn't I use erhverv here?


    How come it's "sin" over "hun?" I'm aware it says "referring to subject" but I'm still not sure when what's appropriate. Got it wrong because I still get confused. :'(


      You can't use "hun" instead of "sin" because that would be saying "The woman loves she career". The female possessive pronounce is "hendes" which is accepted as well as "sin".


      Oh, well duh. >_< Derp question of mine. Thank you, though! You're too kind. XD


      Is 'sin job' also allowed?


      Does using hendes instead of sin change the meaning of this sentence? Tusind tak for dit svar.

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