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"She wants to send a letter to her parents."

Translation:Ŝi volas sendi leteron al siaj gepatroj.

June 12, 2015



Why not 'ŝiaj'?


"ŝiaj" would mean her (some other woman's) parents. Whenever the object refers back to the third person subject we use forms of "si".


It was accepted for me with a note to "watch the accents," meaning Duo thinks its a misspelling instead of an alternate translation. However, as has been pointed out, from English either "ŝiaj" or "siaj" should be accepted. Without context, one cannot tell whose parents are being referred to, i.e. the subject's parents (her own) or the parents of a female friend (her).


True, but the most natural way of understanding the English sentence without any context is surely that she wants to send the letter to her own parents.


No reason. If you get it again, report that your answer should be accepted as well(assuming that it's otherwise correct),


Why not "Ŝi volas sendi al siaj gepatroj leteron"?


Why would 'Ŝi volas sendi al siaj gepatroj leteron.' not be correct?


It is correct, technically; but it places the emphasis on the letter itself, which is what makes it nonstandard. You might hear it in a poem, or if there's a particular reason to emphasize that it's a letter that she wants to send (and not an anniversary gift, for example).

The flexibility of the word order is an oversold feature of Esperanto. Think of it as speaking like Yoda; people will most likely understand you, but you'll definitely get some looks.

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