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  5. "Mi estas sata, dankon!"

"Mi estas sata, dankon!"

Translation:I am full, thank you!

June 12, 2015



I like to say that I'm feeling "well fed"


Until I saw your comment I didn't even realize what the sentence was supposed to mean… ._.


Why is it I am full, but 'I feel hungry' can it be either?


"I am hungry" and "I feel hungry" are pretty much synonyms; the first is a bit more emphatic, in the "I want food right now" sense.

There's a similar distinction between "I am full" and "I feel full". The first is polite; the second is calling attention to the idea that you may have already eaten too much.

In Esperanto, "I feel full" would be, Mi sentas min sata.


What is wrong with "sated"?


Nothing. Some questions have accounted for it, but others haven't yet.


What is dankon? Noun object verb adverb!!! I couldn't understand it or the other synonyms danko, dankas, danke


"Dankon" is the abbreviation of "Mi donas dankon al vi"

Same kiel:

Bonan tagon = Mi deziras al vi bonan tagon.


I was going to say "satisfied" because I thought plena is "full." However, my (Wells) dictionary says sata = full. Are they synonyms?


Not exactly. "Plena" is how we describe a container when it is full with whatever it contains. "Sata" is used for the fullness we feel when we have eaten enough. Esperanto wouldn't have sentences like Mia botelo estas sata" or "Post la grandega manĝo, mi estis plena".

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