Are you kidding me? I just spent all the time taking the quiz and all it gives you is your score? You can't see what mistakes you made? Which questions you got wrong and what the correct answers should have been? I thought we were supposed to be learning here. How can we do that if we cannot see the quiz that we took. I am severely disappointed.

June 12, 2015


Yes, perhaps they should add or fix that feature, I have often took tests on here wished to show my parents the score, to find out, WHAT?!?! No score to show! May StarClan guide your paws...

Well they give you some sort of a ratio which doesn't even tell you how many you got right unless you were counting how many questions there were but then nothing else.

I think they have needed to update Duo for a long time!

I agree, it would be better if it showed you your mistakes. But Duolingo is still helpful.

Yes Duo is helpful but the quiz is not and I think the quiz could be used as a much better teaching tool than it currently is.

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