"J'aime manger, or tu manges mon repas."

Translation:I like to eat, and yet you eat my meal.

December 27, 2012

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The info says we shouldn't report mistakes here but gives us no place to go to report them. My one major complaint about Duolingo is a lack of a "suggestion box" sort of situation.

And ya, the sentence is dumb a hundred times over because we haven't leared the past yet, "but you ate my meal" would make more sense at least. But this /or/ guy, I dunno, I h'ain't seen nothing like that in all the French I e'er saw.


On the far left, you can click on support. I think it's quite nicely designed.


can we use mais here?


If the English translation is the intended sense, I would use "mais" a thousand times over. Is this really that common a conjunction in French? I must have had my ears closed up till now if it is.


That doesn't make sense, "but you eat my meal".


"but you eat my meal" should be translated to "but you are eating my meal".


I agree this makes no sense in either language.

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