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  5. "Zamanım yok."

"Zamanım yok."

Translation:I do not have time.

June 12, 2015



So this literally translates to "my time does not exist," correct?


I think grammatically in English that would be incorrect. Because time always 'exists', you/a person may not have time to do an activity but it exists none the less.

So a more appropriate translation could be: I do not have time.

Meaning if someone asked can you buy me bread on your way home? The response could be: I don't have time I won't be able to buy it.



Shivani, do remember that "var" means, is the equivalent of "it does exist"="my time exists"and that "yok" is the equivalent of "it does not exist"="my time does not exist". It a is way of understanding the construction of the Turkish sentence. Here the Duolingo English sentence is definitively "i do not have time".


Mariane, Yes I think I agree. Although, in the context 'var' for zamanım var it would still mean - I have time. Because literal translation can mean something very different from what the context is trying to convey. It's just that I understand better that way, but what you said makes complete sense. :)


Shivani, yes, time always exists, yours, mine, ours..........I think we have to understand "zamanım var" in the same way as "kedim var"="i have a cat". No deep existential consideration here. Ok?


Haha! s lSure I understand. Thanks again. :)


I put ' I haven't time' but it wasn't accepted. I'm English and that's what I'd say!


unciman, in literary English it is "you do not have time" and in spoken English only "i haven't time". Strangly, in the Spanish lessons, they use "i haven't", "i don't" in the translation of Spanish sentence!!!!!!!!!!!!


Can you say "Zamanım yok." as in "I don't have the/my time." as a response to "What time is it?"? Or should you just say "Zamanı bilmiyorum." (I don't know the time.). Thanks!


In this case, you would say "Saati bilmiyorum" :)


was it supposed to be "(benim) zamanım yok" and we just omitted the "benim" ?


"Benim zamanim yok " means the same as "zamanim yok". In turkish, you rarely mention the subject if the context is clear. And a reply like this requires a question to be asked first.


1- Is " I dont have the time" right ? 2- "I dont have time " as i'm busy or i don't know what time it is.?


If an English speaker says "I don't have the time," it can mean either "I am too busy," or "I do not know what time it is." If you eliminate the article "the" and just say "I don't have time," it always means too busy.

This is a really good question, English articles are tricky.


"I have not time" should be accepted also ....

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