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"Ні, ми не їмо піцу з ковбасою."

Translation:No, we do not eat pizza with sausage.

June 12, 2015



Dude, just say kielbasa!


Pizza with sausageS (it's about the s in sausages) is correct too, right?


I think that would be піца з сосисками (plural)


Can 'ковбаса' also translate as 'salami' here? I think that's more appropriate for a pizza topping (e.g. pepperoni) than an actual sausage.


Isn't salami just a type of sausage (https://goo.gl/qpZolX) ?


Hmm.. ok, salami seems to be a sub-category of sausage - a dry sausage. But in Russian they're two quite different things. You would have a sandwich with salami (колбаса) but not a sandwich with a sausage (сосиска), which would be more appropriate as a meal with buckweat or mashed potatoes. Hence, I wonder whether the two types of food are called differently in Ukrainian.


We also have ковбаса and сосиска :)


Ah, cool, so then I'd say that ковбаса is salami and сосиска is sausage.


I did a search and I should say that most of the products that I saw I would call ковбаски :)

That's сосиска http://goo.gl/lV39K1, if you can see the actual meat and just some pink meat by-products that's ковбаска or ковбаса :) Bologna sausage is an exception, it's also ковбаса: "варена ковбаса"


But sausage in English is whole set of similar products ( kielbasa, salami, cervelat). Just like ковбаса is.

Сосиска is something like a vienna sausage, so it's a type of sausage in English, but not a type of ковбаса in Ukrainian

Actually English kielbasa should have corresponded to Ukr. ковбаса. But than in Ukrainian ковбаса have spread to mean all kinds of sausages except for vienna ones


I wonder how you would call this:

Imgur Image - bread and sausage


I can tell you from my 20+ years in Australia that 'sausage' in English usually only means one thing - сосиска, contrary to the proper definition. If you do a google image search for 'sausage' you will see this. If you image search 'salami' you will see that this usually means dry 'колбаса' but is rarely referred to as a 'sausage' And there's the specific 'pepperoni', which looks more like a salami than a sausage.

All I know for sure is that discussion is making me hungry!


In English salami is a spanish meat - the word salami comes directly from the spanish. Its a spicy, dry-ish (usually sliced), pre-cooked meat. Yes it looks like a sausage, but it's not just a subset.

I would be very surpised to get a salami stew, or salami with bacon for breakfast ;)


I was thinking the same thing as shlyovich


Ковбаса is closer to salami (or pepperoni) than to sausage - what sausage typically means would be сосиска or ковбаска in Ukrainian. Source: a native speaker.


When I worked in USA we always called ковбаса pepperoni :)


Is "піца з ковбабою" the standard way to refer to "sausage pizza"?

As an American English speaker "sausage" means bratwurst, kielbasa, knockwurst, chorizo, Italian sausage, plus the various sausages we eat for breakfast. However, "sausage pizza" means

Is this what the Ukrainian sentence is about? Or, transmogrified to an American context, does it mean we don't put e.g. knockwurst on pizza?

Google Images for "піца з ковбабою" yields pictures of things that think I would call pepperoni and Canadian bacon.


Ковбаса is a word that encompasses different types of sausage. And I've only seen salami on pizza before, so I would only say "піца з салямі", and not "з ковбасою"...


My comment probably didn't make much sense with the missing image. I tracked down another one. Would that kind of pizza strike you as ""з ковбасою"? Apparently pepperoni is a kind of salami, but in the U.S. at least a "sausage pizza" and a "pepperoni pizza" are different things.


Hmm those look like pieces of meet to me, I'd call it піца з м'ясом :)

But if you chop like a grilled sausage and put in on a pizza (if that's what it is) then the would be піца з сосисками.


So many sausages! What is the Ukrainian sentence saying to you? That the class of things called "ковбаса" are not things we use as pizza toppings? That we don't eat ковбаса at the same meal at which we eat pizza?

Googling "піца з ковбабою" I get lots of Ukrainian-labeled seemingly ordinary-looking pizzas, but it looks like to you it's actually not a natural or common collocation.


Cannot say much about Ukrainian, but there is the name of a product—and there is a descriptive name. Pizzerias will usually sell something like "Pizza Margherita" or "4 cheeses" or "Meat Pizza". If, however, you want to explain what on earth it is, something like "піца з м'ясом" or "піца з сыром та томатами" will work:

  • Замовили піцу Fresh та по бажанню похресника, якому 4 рочки - солодку піцу з ананасом та м‘ятою . Ось це справжня знахідка!!!! (found on Facebook)

In Russia, Globus Pizza, a pizzeria of a German supermarket chain, produces rectangular-shaped pizzas topped with various meat products, including bacon, "сосиски" sausages, or cooked non-salami sausages.

Usually, though, salami or something similar is the sausage of choice for pizzas. I wonder how it is in Ukraine.


Yeah, I think the main point of my original question was to ascertain if in Ukrainian the "product name" for different kinds of pizzas by default uses "з." I'm not sure if sagitta145's examples are more like "product names" or "descriptive names."

If there's an adjective relating to a topping, perhaps that gets used, but if there's not then it's the з + instrumental?

So "pepperoni pizza" becomes "піца з салямі," but perhaps there's a different way to say "cheese pizza"? How 'bout "cheese and mushroom pizza"?


No-no, the class of things called ковбаса includes pizza toppings and more. For example, this is a ковбаса, but it doesn't go on top of a pizza.

Here are the results for піца з ковбасою and yes, as I said, all of them are salami (салямі), a type of ковбаса. I guess some people say it, I and everyone I know tend to say the more specific салямі.


Yeah, I think the main point of my original question was to ascertain if in Ukrainian the "product name" for different kinds of pizzas by default uses "з."

Yes :)

So "pepperoni pizza" becomes "піца з салямі," but perhaps there's a different way to say "cheese pizza"? How 'bout "cheese and mushroom pizza"?

Піца з сиром та грибами :)

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